INFN-SESAME Efficient Scientific Computing (ESC@SESAME) International School

Sesame Allan

A special edition of the INFN Efficient Scientific Computing International School on "Architectures, tools and methodologies for developing efficient large scale scientific computing applications" (ESC@SESAME)¬†will be held at the Sergio Fubini Guest House of the SESAME synchrotron-light facility in Allan (Jordan) from May 27 to June 2, 2023. This is the first ESC school to […]

The Potential of Research Data: How Research Infrastructures Provide New Opportunities and Benefits for Society

Lund Lund

Discussions during the conference will focus on the possibility of using open research data to solve social challenges, and what role research infrastructures can play in this process. The meeting will also include study visits to the research facilities MAX IV Laboratory and European Spallation Source (ESS). Event is part of a series of events […]

LEAPS Plenary Meeting 2023

SOLEIL Syncroton

The 6th LEAPS Plenary Meeting will be held at the SOLEIL Synchroton in France from 18 to 20 October 2023. Website and the program will be soon announced. Save the Date!

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